love & care vs. greed

Small things matter:

Today God allowed my design firm to be awarded a 225K+ project for a Dream Smart Home. My Trusted Partners and I are thrilled and thankful…

But something my AV Partner, Peter Trinh, did yesterday speaks volumes to me. The client (who is a massive, lifetime techie) mentioned he wanted to have microphones/karaoke in the Home Cinema. Peter found a $300 amazing little microphone kit on Amazon and sent the client the link (we believe in transparent pricing).That’s radical stuff. I know my industry, and I’m SURE Peter could have pushed some ridiculously expensive product. But he didn’t. In fact, we didn’t do that for ANYTHING in this home. This is why we came in $100K less than the other bidder!

Same level of quality, but just not trying to push things the clients doesn’t want or need. We tried to design according to the client’s needs, not our pocketbooks.

No one likes to feel ripped off… I don’t care if you have a lot of money or no money… NO ONE likes feeling cheated… BUT everyone loves feeling listened to, cared for and appreciated.

So many people hurt themselves by letting greed control and guide them rather than love and care. A person driven by greed is a sad thing, because many times greed will cause you not only to miss out on “getting more” but it even takes away what you had.

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