AJ Hall Design Chooses Alarm partner

I’m excited to announce that AJ Hall Design has chosen a new Life Safety Trusted Partner, American Alarm, Inc. AJ Hall Design’s mission is to find the very best local technology installation company per category of Home Technology. I look for attitude and heart as much as skill and knowledge. Why? I’m a firm believer in, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. If a company has knowledge, but doesn’t have a heart for people then I consider that company dangerous, and I refuse to let them around myself or my clients.

Vetting Process

I interviewed three solid alarm companies, but felt like Matt Aston of American Alarm, Inc. was the best fit for AJ Hall Design. One of the most impressive things that I noticed about Matt was that he as the owner was personally involved with the on-going servicing of all his alarms. I asked him, “Matt, I would think that the owner would ‘punt’ the headaches of service as soon as he could. Why have you been intentional about staying personally involved with the upkeep of your alarm systems?”. He said something that really struck me. Matt said, “You know, my dad really instilled in me that the ‘greatest among you should be the servant’. That is why I stay involved with “service” calls. I think the owner should always lead the way in taking care of our customers, and making sure their systems are working properly”.

American Alarm, Inc (AAI)

Matt Aston


For my Life Safety category, I have chosen American Alarm, Inc because I believe the owner, Matt Aston, has the heart of a “master craftsman” when installing and monitoring security and fire safety systems. American Alarm, Inc (AAI) is a local alarm company that has earned a reputation for supporting their work and providing unparalleled customer service to their clients far after “the sale & hook-up” of the alarm. 

Matt Aston has been installing and servicing alarms for almost 20 years. You could say, Matt “grew up on alarms”. He was the Lead Technician and then Sales Director for his father’s local alarm company, National Alarm. Then, seven years ago, Matt launched out on his own with the vision for American Alarm, Inc and a desire to deliver the next level of customer service, care, and support for his clients. I personally met Matt in 2015 when I first started to sell alarm systems for another company. We hit it off and did a few side projects together. Matt would sometimes say to me, “Man, I wish I could afford to hire a sales guy like you”. But as two men who shared similar core values in business, we kept up with each other over the years.

When I launched AJ Hall Design, things finally came full circle. As an “interior designer for technology”, I was looking for a local alarm company with a “craftsman” mentality. Matt came to mind and the rest is history.

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