AJ Hall Design partners with Lchy lighting design services

AJ Hall Design is SO excited to announce our partnership with Mark Langston, Lead Lighting Designer with LCHY Design. LCHY stands for “Light Can Help You”.

From the first week of launching AJ Hall Design, builders have been asking me to tackle high-end “Lighting Design” and incorporate that into my offering. I agreed.

For years, I’ve done Smart Lighting CONTROL, but felt clueless about the LIGHT and fixtures themselves.  

LCHY is a truly “next-level” remote design service that I believe to ABSOLUTELY be the solution for Lighting Design in the Custom Home Builder space of NE Florida. I’ve developed a relationship with Mark Langston, the “Chief Lighting Advisor” at LCHY. Mark leads the studio and will work with my clients directly. LCHY is fast and efficient. They do not sell fixtures or controls, but simply deliver:

1) A CAD lighting plans to complement the existing electrical plans.

2) Lighting fixture specifications sheet for electricians to order and install.

3) Decorative Fixture Buying Guide for the homeowner and interior designer.

I am SO excited about my new partnership with Mark and LCHY. The client pays LCHY directly. LCHY does not sell fixtures or control, they simply have a design fee that is clearly spelled out upfront. 

Light Can Help You Website:


LCHY Services:


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