AJ Hall Design partners with Lchy lighting design services

AJ Hall Design is SO excited to announce our partnership with Mark Langston, Lead Lighting Designer with LCHY Design. LCHY stands for “Light Can Help You”. From the first week of launching AJ Hall Design, builders have been asking me to tackle high-end “Lighting Design” and incorporate that into my offering. I agreed. For years, … Continue reading AJ Hall Design partners with Lchy lighting design services

love & care vs. greed

Small things matter: Today God allowed my design firm to be awarded a 225K+ project for a Dream Smart Home. My Trusted Partners and I are thrilled and thankful… But something my AV Partner, Peter Trinh, did yesterday speaks volumes to me. The client (who is a massive, lifetime techie) mentioned he wanted to have … Continue reading love & care vs. greed


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