Trusted partners

Peter Trinh, Owner of TDG Smarter AV

tdg smarter av in partnership with aj hall design

I chose to join forces with TDG because I believe the owner, Peter Trinh, knows how to do and service AV and Home Tech in this world today. TDG does AV because of passion, not simply profit. Peter is an Ivy-League educated engineer and business leader that moved down to Florida to be with his elderly parents. Over 15 years, Peter has figured out a way to do AV efficiently and keep technicians. His turnover rate is astonishingly low. He has only had one tech leave in his company in 15 years. His most senior tech has been with him for 12 years. 

With his knowledge, Peter could be way bigger than he is now, but I have found him to value quality above all else. Peter has purposely taken his time to build something truly special. He is a humble and modest man, who values family over money and pays his eight technicians very well to ensure he has only the best people doing our installations. 

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