The Cure for Being Judgmental

  Have you ever just felt "judgy"? I'll never forget a young woman coming up to me after a message, her freckled face beaming from ear to ear. She said: "Pastor AJ, God has been convicting me and helping me with my attitude---I've been feeling so "judgy" lately!" Her heart for God made me smile … Continue reading The Cure for Being Judgmental

Why I’d Rather be Wanted than Needed

As a college pastor in Gainesville, Florida, I once had the privilege of hosting a missionary, known as Uncle Charlie. This man was remarkable---he had comforted dying street children in his arms and washed the feet of real, modern-day lepers. Under communism in Vietnam, he had embraced the dangerous call to smuggle Bibles into the … Continue reading Why I’d Rather be Wanted than Needed

A Declaration of Independence

Today, we celebrate America’s independence. We take time and remember that on this day, July 4th, 1776, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, our founding fathers adopted the United States Declaration of Independence. With this beautifully-penned document, they declared themselves free from the control of Great Britain---what they saw as a tyrannical, oppressive outside force. They wrote, “We … Continue reading A Declaration of Independence