Update & “Letting God Love You” [Video]

(New logo for our Fall group for Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida) I'm excited because starting on Wednesday, September 13th, 2017, Christina and I will be starting a group for my church in Jacksonville, Florida. The group is called "What Is Love?! Baby, Don't Hurt Me". It will be one of the break-out sessions at … Continue reading Update & “Letting God Love You” [Video]

Listen to “Above The Sun” by Stovall Weems

(Logo for "Above The Sun" series, Celebration Church) This past Sunday, my pastor, Stovall Weems, shared part 2 of an incredible teaching series entitled “Above The Sun”. Because my pastor admittedly suffers from a chronic case of "preacher’s disease", he couldn’t help but deliver his life-changing revelation in the form of cool, catchy phrases like: … Continue reading Listen to “Above The Sun” by Stovall Weems