Why AJ Hall Design?

AJ Hall Design

I’m so excited to tell you about the launch of AJ Hall Design, a technology design & consulting firm dedicated to helping your clients see their “vision for technology” fulfilled. AJ Hall Design is not a subcontractor; nor are we a low-voltage installation company. We’re simply an “interior designer for technology” that assesses and designs according to your client’s needs. For implementation, we partner with the very best local low voltage companies in NE Florida.

AJ Hall Design will take care of your client from design to turn-key tutorials. We project manage and coordinate with our Trusted Partners to ensure both a quality installation and long-term plan for supporting the installation.

Why AJ Hall Design?

Electrical plans are one of the last things on an architect or home designer’s punch list. Most architects only draw the TV locations. Today, we need another professional designer to take it from here, drawing home technology into the prints according to the client’s needs with the most important consideration being strong and consistent Wi-Fi.

The problem right now is that when builders get electrical plans, they only have one option: they send their clients to a low-voltage subcontractor. Sometimes this works, but there are potential problems with this methodology. Yes, there are some AMAZING low-volt companies out there, but I believe a low-voltage company will always be tempted to:

1. Try to sell what they think is cool versus what the client wants.

2. Try to sell products with the highest profit margin versus what the client wants.

3. Try to sell products that are most convenient for them to install versus what the clients want.

I think there is a better way!

AJ Hall Design’s Trusted Partners

I only partner with the very best vendors in each home technology category. My job is to assess what a low-voltage company’s “sweet-spot” is so that we only have the best people on our jobs. 

Technology has become far too complex and robust to assume that one company can handle any and all projects. 

The demand for home technology is not going away, so builders need to adjust with the times. How can we demand accountability for the various subcontractors that are needed to serve our clients?  

I absolutely believe if a client is treated unfairly, then a builder needs to be able to call “one guy”. That’s why if you have issues or concerns with a Trusted Partner, you can call AJ Hall Design and be assured that we will not tolerate anything but excellence for our clients. 

How Is AJ Hall Design Compensated?

AJ Hall Design is not a subcontractor. We do not contract directly with the client nor builder. We are paid for our work by a predetermined compensation plan through our Trusted Partners. Our Trusted Partners will be your subcontractors, and AJ Hall Design is simply your advocate, helping you to get the very best results from our Trusted Partners.  

TDG Smart Solutions (Tye Dye Guys Home Theater)

For my AV category, I have chosen TDG Smart Solutions (Tye Dye Guys) because I believe the owner, Peter Trinh, knows how to do and service AV and Home Tech in this world today. TDG does AV because of passion, not simply profit. Peter is an Ivy-League educated engineer and business leader that moved down to Florida to be with his elderly parents. Over 15 years, Peter has figured out a way to do AV efficiently and keep technicians. His turnover rate is astonishingly low. He has only had one tech leave in his company in 15 years. His most senior tech has been with him for 12 years. 

With his knowledge, Peter could be way bigger than he is now, but I have found him to value quality above all else. Peter has purposely taken his time to build something truly special. He is a humble and modest man, who values family over money and pays his eight technicians very well to ensure he has only the best people doing our installations. 

Do a Google Search of “Tye Dye Guys”, and you will see what I am saying is true. TDG is the trusted AV vendor for both Marcus Meide (DF Luxury – Dream Finders Custom) and Tom Trout, Inc. TDG is also currently doing a $200K project in Crescent Beach, Florida. 

More Trusted Partners Are Coming!

AJ Hall Design is currently vetting Life Safety, Lighting Designers, Cyber Security Experts For Home Offices and more!

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