Angry politics and Birthday Thoughts…

To my surprise, some recent articles and posts I’ve written have upset people, both on the left and right side of politics. I’m surprised at this number of people because I don’t feel like what I’m saying is that controversial. I’m a registered Independent, so my goal is not to provoke or persuade people to join one side. My goal is simply to challenge dangerous “partisanship”, and ugly, radicalized ideological behavior on both sides.

This may upset you, but I believe there are good people on both sides.

1) If you’re an American citizen:
Resist the temptation to dehumanize your political opponents. Militant, close-minded ideology leads you down a dark path. ON BOTH SIDES. I hear a lot of talk about “fascists” and “nazis” today, but history will teach you BOTH right-wingers AND left-wingers can become terribly murderous and horrible and evil. We should know by now how the right can devolve into the “alt-right” and fascism. But the left can devolve too. Just study communist Russia and China. These folks were not “Nazis”, they were leftists, literally punching Nazis on the streets of Munich and Berlin in the 1920s and 30s. Marxism was a competing idea during the time of Hitler. Marxists were “bleeding-hearted liberals” and “progressives” fighting for social justice. They thought of themselves as defeating “oppressors” and freeing the “oppressed”. But this ideology once radicalized lead to horrible things done to others in the name of “progress”. Orson Wells once said, people like this “don’t like the poor, they just hate the rich”.
2) If you’re a believer in Jesus:
Allow your faith to humble you, as true faith always does. Allow the truth of Messiah to work deep in your hearts and souls, so that you’ll be gracious, kind, and lowly towards ALL people. Pastoral leaders and ministers, realize that Jesus did not rail against sexual brokenness as much as He did the subtle arrogance in the Rabbi/Pastor’s of His day. Think about that. He spoke softly to sinful people, but absolutely detested the falsehood and haughty attitudes in men who loved their titles far too much.
Lastly, all people, take note of Jesus’ teaching on helping the poor and the oppressed. We all will stand before the Lord one day.

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