Do Yourself Good By Doing Good

{Adapted from a Facebook post]

Can I suggest something? If possible, do your soul some good today and give a little something to The Mordecai Project, an international organization run by my friend, Lee Grady​.

The Mordecai Project’s purpose is to protect, empower, and mobilize women and the oppressed all around the world. We all know the shutdowns have been tough, but it’s hard for us in the West to understand how devastating global shutdowns are for the poorest of poor. The Mordecai Project serves places like India and Africa and others where economic lockdowns can equal starvation.

Most of you may not know this, but my wife and I actually lived at the federal poverty line for about eight years (federal, of course, means American poverty). Why? Well, 1) I’m not naturally a “business minded” person and 2) I, for all intensive purposes, took a “vow of poverty” after finishing my degree from the University of Florida, by accepting a full-time position for a non-profit that I knew was not going to be financially advantageous. Before that, I wasn’t the typical “broke college student”. Not only did the VA pay for my school and board, but I made great money (usually cold, hard cash) as a local DJ. In 2007, however, I made a commitment to God that I would not worry about making money; I would only worry about being obedient to God and walking through any open doors I felt like He provided.

Why am I bringing up my past? Here’s the reason: I never felt poor… Why did I not feel poor? I’ve been reflecting on this recently, and I believe the answer is I have always, to some degree, been connected to REAL poverty in the world through people like Lee Grady. In a very real sense, I’ve had relationships with the poor. Truly destitute and oppressed people have heard my name. They have been told that AJ cares about them… and, if I was fortunate enough, some of these precious people may have even lifted up my name in thanks to their God. Having this “relationship” and exposure has had a profound effect on my life. Now, I want to stop here. I need to be careful to steer clear of bragging, lest I make myself a fool. I know very well there are far more noble people out there, who have done far more than I have done.

I just want to simply encourage you…

Do something good for your soul today! Get a bigger perspective of the world we live in. Click on the website below and find the donate button. Give something, anything. I understand that some of you may be terribly affected by this pandemic, but the people we’re talking about are literally starving. There is no stimulus package for them. No relief check in the mail. They will starve to death if no one helps. So think about it. ANY amount is a fortune to the person who is starving. Right?

And… I have a special offer for you… If you feel prompted to give, ANY amount, give it. Then private message me – don’t tell me the amount – just tell me your name. And I will ask Lee Grady to pass your name on to someone he is helping. Someone in Africa or India or somewhere. Then you too will have a connection with a hurting person outside of this comfortable American bubble we live in. Who knows, that person may even lift up YOUR name in thanksgiving to God. I pray this would happen for you. And I’m believing for this new “relationship” with the hurting to change your life, open your eyes, and do good for your soul!

DISCLAIMER: During my early ministry years, I was surrounded by people who cared about me and my financial situation. God used these people to bless me immensely. My “vow”, if you would call it that, was a personal decision, and completely voluntary. If a person is led be God to disregard finances for a season, then it is a beautiful thing. With some, God will use this time to do something wonderful in a person’s heart. But I do not believe every person in ministry must adopt such an extreme policy towards personal finances. In fact, I believe unless this radical attitude is 100 percent inspired by God, it will quickly become a work of the flesh and will produce what all works of the flesh produce: boasting, vain glory, envy, jealousy, neediness, fighting and critical, unfair speech.

To DONATE—click here –> Donate.

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