Who Does Kayne West Think He Is?

How do we know Kayne West is for real? Is it safe for Kayne West to speak out about Christ? Is this just another stunt? Who does Kayne think he is now… a preacher???

I don’t know the answers to the questions above. Now… I have my hunch… I have my opinion… I have my thoughts. But let’s face it: opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has one. But more important than opinions, I want to remind you of a nugget of truth: “Be slow to speak, quick to listen, and slow to get angry”. Or maybe you could say “be slow to post, quick to watch the video below, and slow to get angry, critical, offended, or frustrated by something you don’t understand”?

So with that being said, before you gear up to criticize Kanye West, stop and watch this video below, and actually listen to the man.

Before you suggest Kayne West, as a new believer, should silence himself, and remove himself from the spotlight, please consider some thoughts of mine. Remember, they are my opinions…

Could this all be an attention grab by the controversial rapper? Possibly… But I have a different perspective that may help. I’ve been a professional DJ. I’ve been a full time ordained pastor. I’ve been a full time sales/business man… Now, I am a mix of all of them. LOL But my spirituality has always bled into whatever I am doing, and since 19 years old, I’ve seen my faith play out in very different spheres and worlds. But I don’t do it because someone gave me permission. I do it just because it’s who I am. Since the day I had my spiritual encounter with Jesus at my father’s deathbed, I have tried to live out what I found to be true.

So, Kayne West is a fashion designer. Does he have to close down his fashion business? Kanye West is a professional musician. Does he have to stop making records? He is a celebrity influencer. Does he now have to become a recluse until he proves himself worthy to be seen in public?

Now, if Kayne West said he was going to be a pastor and start preaching as some authoritative voice for God’s Word, then that’d be a different story.

But no, watch the video. Kayne West even says that he is a “new convert” and he is NOT the pastor of his current traveling “Sunday Service” program he is doing.

Again, watch the video. And be careful of seeking to sound deep and wise, but actually just being arrogant and foolish.


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